There are few simple steps to take in order for FamilyKeeper to function to its maximum capacity, and provide parents with the ability to set time limits and block use of apps.


  1. Launch FamilyKeeper Child app
  2. Tap on the Shield icon on the top right side of the screen. This will open a ‘Request Access’ window.
  3. Tap ‘Request Access’.
  4. This will send an alert to the parents device which contains a PinCode. (also displayed on the child’s timeline on the parent app).
  5. Back on the ‘Request Access’ window, enter the received PinCode and tap ok.
  6. On this screen please make sure you turn on ‘Time & Lock’. This will forward you to the App Usage Access setting screen.
  7. On App Usage Access setting screen, activate FamilyKeeper.

Turning this option on will allow the parent to set time limits and block use of apps

*** If FamilyKeeper is already active, please deactivate and then reactivate it.